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Smart People Poor Choices

Smart People Poor Choices

Smart People Poor Choices

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Smart People Poor Choices

Dear Cell Wellbeing Inquirer,

“Smart People Poor Choices”

Most of us are fairly smart when it comes to the choices we make in life. However when it comes to our food and well-being we can be influenced by unseen environmental impacts, we can also sometimes make poor nutritional choices.

Our Gut and intestinal tract are influenced by the food we consume. This food creates various important gut bacteria that influence our functionality and brain health as well as our immune systems. The environment we live as well as toxins impacts the production of important gut bacterium often without our knowledge.

Discover some of the secrets of your gut demands by taking Epigenetic Mapping report.

Food avoidance is also important to the re-population of gut flora.

Here is a personal story from a practitioner.
“When I first had my hair tested 5 months ago my report stated that I was intolerant to Rice amongst all the other things.
I was shocked and did not believe the report. My heritage is Asian and I have been eating rice all my life. I am a professional Medical practitioner and have studied nutrition on a cellular level for 35 years. I almost dismissed this report as being of no consequence.
But in my heart I knew that I should give it the benefit of the doubt.
I refrained from rice in my diet and within the first 30 days felt more energetic than I had for twenty years and had far more energy than before.
“Let your own body do the talking…. you will reap the rewards in better health.”

While the Cell Wellbeing report is none diagnostic, it could possibly highlight various underlying areas that may impact mitochondria production such as:

EMF ELF, reduce the production of mitophagy and artificial light from electronic devices also reduces mitochondria activity in the brain.

Radiation slows down the production of mitophagy.

Sleep deficiency. The circadian rhythm directs proteins and peptides through the trillions of cells and the mitochondria.

Musculoskeletal. Exercise is essential for the stimulation of mitophagy, which is the production of new mitochondria.

Oxidative Stress and Hydration. In our opinion the best water to drink is structured reenergised water please see

Chemicals and Toxins limit mitochondria and reduce the production of mitophagy.

Smart People Poor Choices

The importance of gut bacteria pre and pro biotics can be found in the highly watchable video.

You can learn more about our technology by visiting

 Geting Started:

Smart People Poor Choices

*Invest in a S-Drive Bio FeedBack Profiler (Local & International anywhere where there’s internet)

*Get A Hair Scan (Australia-wide Only)

Smart People Poor Choices
Smart People Poor Choices

Smart People Poor Choices

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