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Increased Electro Sensitivity Report from Cell Wellbeing

Increased Electro Sensitivity Report from Cell Wellbeing
Increased Electro Sensitivity Report From Cell Wellbeing
Increased Electro Sensitivity Report From Cell Wellbeing
Electro Sensitivity

Increased Electro Sensitivity Report From Cell Wellbeing

Dear Cell Wellbeing Operator,

We have noticed a marked increase in the number of reports showing EMF/ELF priorities. This may indicate Electro Sensitivity. There is a growing awareness of Electro Sensitivity, by the public and by Government bodies, which is why as a professional wellness provider we thought we should bring this to your attention.

We are all living in the Technology Age, which exposes us to the new phenomena of toxic radiating, waves, signals, pulses and emissions. These invisible emissions are emitted by radar, communication equipment, mobile phone base stations, high voltage lines, radio and television transmitters as well as electrical substations. They are also being increasingly emitted by many of our personal electrical devices at home and work. This constant bombardment of toxic emissions surrounds most of us 24 hours a day.

These odourless and invisible emissions are causing some of us to show symptoms of ‘Electro Sensitivity’. Scientists have found that low frequency electrical wave emissions’ disturb our own cellular electrical pulses. This fact is of concern, as the electro emissions can have a cumulative effect on our bodies’ regulatory systems.
According to the renowned professor Dr Pall, one of many professional voices of academics and organisations, alarmed at the technology’s influences on us all. One report indicates that low frequency electrical pollution (E-Smog) causes increased Calcium Signalling, which stresses our inner regulatory systems. The result of this is the causation of enzymes and proteins to produce Free Radicals that create Oxidative Stress. Oxidative stress, from the oxidative metabolism causes DNA base damage, as well as strand breaks.

Free radicals are reactive molecules that can be produced during the conversion of foods into energy through oxygen. The formation of free radicals is an oxidation reaction that occurs on an oxygen basis. Since oxygen is essential for survival, the formation of free radicals cannot be avoided. However, factors including ionizing and non-ionizing electrical radiation alter the transcription and translation of genes. Free radicals can also disrupt cell membranes and damage the interior lining of your blood vessels, leading to a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.

Electro Sensitivity also produces disturbances in the normal redox state of blood cells. This can cause toxic effects through the production of peroxides and free radicals that damage all components of the cell, including proteins, lipids, and DNA.

Some of the other impacts of Electro Sensitivity include:
Headaches, Anxiety, Depression, Brain fog, Nausea, Fatigue and loss of Libido.
The modern science of Epigenetic Mapping highlights the potential of Electro Sensitivity. Many Wellness Consultants are using this science to offer advice on how best to counter-act the effects of Electro Sensitivity. Electro Sensitivity is also now being screened for in Fertility Centres as well as Pre Natal clinics in Europe.

Increased Electro Sensitivity Report From Cell Wellbeing

Electro Sensitivity further information via the Web

Headaches (migraine) =

Fatigue and tiredness (and more) =
Concentration difficulties/Hyper Activity =
Digestive Disturbances =
Reduced Sperm count =
Pre-Natal Risks =
DNA Damage =
Gene expression and redox balance, body’s regulatory system =
Neurological dysfunction and mobile phones =
Other insights can be discovered by reading =
There are many ,many more authoritative research docs on the Internet, here is one from NASA,
You can also begin to understand the seriousness of electro sensitivity,
In March 2019, Brussels city banned 5G. This is the new, more powerful mobile phone signals being introduced Globally by all mobile phone companies, with no apparent health approval testing from any government.

Practical Advice (and SOLUTIONS hyperlinked)

  • Increase your consumption of

    probiotics and fresh vegetables, including green apples.

  • Keep all technology devices away from your bedroom, never charge the phone, laptop, tablet etc, near you while you are sleeping
  • Never carry your phone in a pocket, especially if the pocket is close to body organs ie, Heart, Groin etc.
  • Never use your laptop/tablet when placed on your lap.
  • Try to always use the speaker on your mobile phone (phone manufacturers advise keeping the phone 8 cms from your head!!)

  • It is thought that buildings with roofs being used for large relay masts and aerials are not suitable for long term occupation.
  • If you must use earphones with your phone, use the

    air tube variety rather than direct wired ear phones.

  • Try to use a timer, to switch off the homes Wi Fi router during your hours of sleep.
  • Try to avoid installing smart meters in your home.
  • Avoid using microwave ovens near you and reduce the consumption of micro waved food.
  • Spend more time in forests or on the beach, as this helps to discharge electro sensitivity.

SOURCE: Cell Wellbeing Ltd

Gutruf Haus Neuer Wall 10, Ecke Jungfernstieg Hamburg 20354 Germany

Increased Electro Sensitivity Report From Cell Wellbeing
Increased Electro Sensitivity Report From Cell Wellbeing
Increased Electro Sensitivity Report From Cell Wellbeing
Increased Electro Sensitivity Report From Cell Wellbeing

Increased Electro Sensitivity Report From Cell Wellbeing

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