Important Information On Your Data -GDPR Updates

Dear Valued Cell Wellbeing S-Drive Operators, Clients & Prospects

The European Union has enacted additional personal data protection laws. In order to comply with these stringent new data protection laws, we have updated Cell Wellbeing’s extensive data protection systems.

The EU’s new data protections laws require that a ‘drop down information box’ appears on the Cell Wellbeing Program, immediately after the digitizing hair sequence. Its content will now request that you inform your client that you are about to send the digitized hair information from your laptop to our secure servers in Germany. They must now personally approve the sending of the digitized information before it is transmitted. You can then acknowledge their decision by ticking yes or no, in the appropriate check box.

Please note all digitized hair information sent to our servers in Germany shall include the following:

1. the digitized environmental and nutritional information gathered from the client’s hair
2. the first two letters only of the client’s first name
3. the birth year only
4. the gender of your client
5. the encrypted serial number of the operator’s S-Drive, which is sending the client’s digitized hair data
6. the time of day and date that the digitized hair information was sent to Germany
7. the S-Drive’s location

It is imperative that you understand that all of the other personal client details, provided to you during the process of your clients requesting Cell Wellbeing reports; shall remain only on your S-Drive operators’ program. This personal information is therefore your personal responsibility to ensure that this data is safeguarded; and further to ensure that all reasonable steps have been taken by your Organization to ensure that the client’s personal data will be sufficiently protected at all times.

We have published our Privacy Policy in our website at as well as on the You may want to refer to our Privacy Policy on how it may apply and/or to formulate a Privacy Policy for your own organization.

Thank you for your continued support and confidence in Cell Wellbeing.

Best Regards

The Management Team of Cell Wellbeing

Important Information On Your Data -GDPR Updates
Important Information On Your Data -GDPR Updates
Important Information On Your Data -GDPR Updates
Important Information On Your Data -GDPR Updates

Important Information On Your Data -GDPR Updates

Important Information On Your Data -GDPR Updates

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