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Cell Wellbeing Australia


Featuring a patented sensory coil, the bio-resonance scanner measures EPIGENETIC frequencies stored in the hair strands and follicles. Using specially designed and proven software it provides us feedback about the environment we live in.

  • Are you absorbing enough minerals from your diet?
  • Are you lacking in some nutrients ?
  • Are you sensitive to cell phone radiation?
  • Are you exposed to chemicals at home or at work?


Bio-resonance hair scanning service provides advice of the impact of your diet and the environmental factors that may affect your health.
The bio-scanner records frequencies (information) stored in the hair strands and follicles with a patented Tesla sensory coil, reader and software
The scans are transmitted directly to a dedicated server and supercomputer based at the testing centre in Hamburg Germany
The scan produces a nutritional status and environmental report – not a diagnosis.



Your report reveals what you may or not be lacking in relation to vitamins, amino-acids, minerals and more – even exposure to cell phone radiation. Use the information to boost your well-being and supplement the diet where necessary.

This testing service is available for wellness clinics, chiropractors and dietitians.

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Processed foods, chemicals and even electronic pollution can ‘switch-on’ epigenetic health issues. These include obesity, diabetes, fybromyalgia, premature aging and even cancer. 
Epigenetic changes can also affect our mental wellbeing.

  • Developed in Germany, this new hair test provides lifestyle and nutritional feedback based on your epigenetic weaknesses – suggesting what you need, what you can do and what to avoid.
  • With a change of diet or lifestyle our body has the ability to switch-off epigenetic changesand switch-on better health.

Why is epigenetics is making headlines?

Unlike standard genetic tests which analyse for inherited defects in our DNA, an epigenetics test provides an insight to our ‘genetic wellbeing’ by analysing nutritional and environmental factors.

Though some of us may have inherited ‘bad’ genes (linked to cancer or diabetes for example) it’s important to know that our diet or lifestyle can also damage our good genes.

The epigenetic hair test ties into the latest science and research that has shown how diet, pollution and lifestyle can turn good genes bad. The opposite also applies – a healthier, more positive, less polluted lifestyle can ‘revive’ bad genes.

Bad genes can express illness. Good genes express better health.
We now live in an environment that has become more and more artificial. This is so alien to our genetic make-up that many people are expressing this in a poor physical way. You need only review the statistics to see what grave effects this is having on human lives.

The body is troubled by toxins in the blood or cells.

So it stores these away in hard to find places.
Microbiological factors have evolved to remain undetected by our immune system or to survive and fight again, once the immune thinks it has defeated the intruder.
The overall state of our digestive tract and immune system has led to a huge increase in the number of food intolerances and allergies at a number of different sensitivity levels.

The effects of electromagnetic fields and extremely low frequencies add even more influence on the human body.
Our mind can also influence and instruct the same DNA to switch themselves on and off which has major health approach implications. It’s one good reason to do yoga!

We are no longer victims to our genes.

We will no doubt learn over time more about how our mind creates psychosomatic(emotional based illness) and psychogenic(mental state based creator of illness) states of disease. We will learn how to meditate or visualise for wellness (this exists already) that satisfies the left brain medical model with its over-reliance on measurement and evidence.

The hardwired DNA blueprint that produces babies is still a constant in this new world of Epigenetics. 

Cell Wellbeing Australia
Cell Wellbeing Australia
Cell Wellbeing Australia
Cell Wellbeing Australia
Cell Wellbeing Australia

Cell Wellbeing Australia

Cell Wellbeing Australia

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