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Cell Wellbeing

Cell Wellbeing

Our technology provides a unique interface for the collection and assessment of bio-information from cell samples (hair, skin, saliva, nails etc) and the characterisation of personal data derived into a profile.

Bio-information is carried in the weak electromagnetic field emissions from cells, tissues and organisms. The information is carried in a similar manner to the way a radio wave might carry music or an MRI scan carries an image.

Bio-information is notoriously difficult to assess as it is often not discernible from the background noise of the electronics designed to monitor it. However, specifically propagated waves have the ability to interface this information using our advanced detection and proprietary computational pathways. The data is handled in an isolated relational database environment, allowing the recursion and convergence processes to operate.

All of our products are CE compliant, safety assessed and manufactured under high EN ISO 13485 standards and where relevant additionally to electronic device approval standards.

For Interfacing

Our bio-information collection devices are designed using the very latest in micro-coil technology, combined with mobile phone chipsets and USB power supply. These devices comply with all applicable EU directives under EMC standard EN 61326-1 and as such bear the CE marking. Also the ETL (UL 60950-1) and CAN/CSA C22.2/60950 markings for the USA and Canada.

Proprietary software runs an object relational database providing a functional interface for the collection and transmission of the client‘s bio-information data for assessment.

CELLWELLBEING-Mockup-860x636-2wy992l4oh3jrpwkf5nci2 - Cell Wellbeing

All devices and software programs are designed to run on Windows and MAC OS X systems and are compatible with PC, tablet and smart phone use. (some uses are not enabled)
For Assessing

Our Bio-Information Assessment Centre is based in Germany, and is run and monitored by doctors, scientists and specialist computer engineers.

We use advanced bio-resonance system infrastructure; incorporating CE Class IIa approved devices and proprietary software programs to identify the specific bio-information connections that exist between the subject information and the test information.

The system uses a recursion algorithm to indicate the sensitivity of the bio-resonance convergence between the data sets and assigns a score to each test item, from 0 to 100. Low scores represent low convergence or connection value and high scores, high convergence or connection value.

All data is stored in a secure server environment with firewall protection and is duplicated and backed up to provide seamless service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

All of our inbound and outbound data is encrypted to the highest level and we run SSL certificates on all of our servers providing the highest level of security available.


Our in-house programmers have designed a relational database management system which enables us to create highly visual and credible Environmental Statements, which are the knowledge drivers to the bio-information data. These reports can be tailored to specific company products, branding, copy and web links.

Data cleaning allows us to factor out the noise and errors and only store high quality data for visualisation, the process of visually representing scientific data for ease of reference.

Should you wish to enquire in more detail on the Science and Cell Weakness Resonances, please follow this link

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Cell Wellbeing
Cell Wellbeing
Cell Wellbeing
Cell Wellbeing
Cell Wellbeing

Cell Wellbeing

Cell Wellbeing

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