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Environmental S-Drives are supplied through extensive distribution around the world, this channel is growing exponentially in many countries. You are able to become a distributor by personal invitation only. Simply click on the invitation email ‘Accept Invite’ link in order to purchase a license for your own S-Drive. The local Country Agents are responsible for training, support and marketing of the S-Drive.

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Clinical and Practitioner

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Using the Environmental S-Drive and the insight of the Environmental Statement in your clinic/practice opens up a host of new benefits for the wellness of your clients. They could introduce new revenue streams through the sale of the Environmental Statements. While this is not a diagnostic or medical approved tool, its ability to offer a wider view of Environmental Impacts may well reveal hidden areas, which remain otherwise invisible.

These statements offer clinicians and practitioners a unique insight of many of the key indicators of epigenetic influence.  The data is laid out in clear charts for ease of access and understanding and is prioritised and categorised to help simplify decision making.

The information can help you in a number of ways; it is affordable, quick (reports will be delivered in under 15 minutes) reports on a host of important environmental factors and provides professional support. This means that you can deal with your client in the most efficient manner, speeding up wellness programs and adding additional revenue along the way.

Set-up is simple, training minimal and within minutes of receiving your Environmental S-Drive you can be offering the comprehensive service to your clients and be making extra revenue for your clinic.

Nutritional Suppliers

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An Environmental S-Drive with its Environmental Statement will soon become a nutritional sales person’s best friend, as it effortlessly turns the simple indexing service into a tailor-made nutritional shopping list for your clients. Promoting natural nutrition can be daunting as there are so many choices, On the other hand promoting natural nutrition that is ‘Taylor made’ to the clients’ own environment is perfect.

The Environmental Statements offer nutritional suppliers the perfect sales tool in order to promote their product range to new and or existing customers in a seamless and professional manner.

Our point of sale Environmental Statement created through the S-Drive allows users to access valuable environmental information for their customers, in only a matter of minutes. This information can be linked directly to products and services which creates an instant shopping list, boosting sales and providing a better customer experience.

Our hardware and software platform can be easily connected with your products to provide statements which promote sales, boost loyalty and increase word of mouth leads.

Wellness Industry Distributors

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Promoting the Environmental S-Drive provides distributors with several new income streams in one turn-key system. It gives access to our Environmental Statements, which in turn drive product and service purchase form clinics, practitioners and retail stores

Distributing the technology, statements and products generates new and ongoing income streams for companies with distribution to Wellness conscious consumers, fitness Centres, Spas, clinics, practitioners and organisations.

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An Environmental S-Drive is the perfect addition to every personal trainer’s kit bag, providing instant access to a host of information that will help drive fitness and recovery to new levels.

Environmental Statements offer fitness organisations the perfect tool to promote general wellness alongside their exercise and fitness programs.

Our Distributor can  provide the S-Drive and  information which could promote better results and more revenue for your gyms.

Corporate Wellness

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An Environmental S-Drive opens up a world of opportunities for corporate wellness packages through our innovative Indexing service.

Environmental Statements offer the ideal tool for corporate wellness companies who would like to offer dietary, nutritional and optimum wellness programs for their staff, which may produce a more dynamic team with less days of due to stress.

Our fully customisable hardware and software platform can be integrated with other products and services to offer bespoke wellness solutions to corporate clients.

Improved staff wellness, means better output and less days off through illness and a higher retention and loyalty rate.

Commercial Opportunities

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The Environmental S-Drive is an extremely flexible hardware and software platform that enables companies to access and use environmental information to promote products and services.

We can customise the environmental assessment and statements to individual company’s needs, make them brand specific and ensure that they carry the right message.

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Click on the links below to see each category chart or click the Environmental Statement Sample PDFs to view a selection of complete sample statements.

Sample Environmental Statement 1
Sample Environmental Statement 2
Sample Environmental Statement 3

Click on the individual categories below to view further information on the category indicator charts.

Amino Acids Indicators
Essential Fatty Acids Indicators
Antioxidants Indicators
EMF/ELF Indicators
Dietary Environment Indicators
Microbiology Indicators
Minerals Indicators

You are able to become a distributor by personal invitation only.

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Simply click on the invitation email ‘Accept Invite‘ link in order to purchase a license for your own S-Drive.

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Business Opportunity
Business Opportunity
Business Opportunity
Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity

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