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Bio Resonance

Bio Resonance
This is the analysis method that we use to discern the specific bio-information that is of significance to an individual. 

Bio-resonance systems use a variety of assessment methods from galvanic skin response to resonance algorithms and quantum effects, however, whatever the method used, they are all after the same personal bio-information. 

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Resonance is a principal in physics that occurs when two systems (frequency, waves, particles etc) are in phase and easily allow the transfer of energy/information between them. This transfer of energy represents the resonant convergence between the cellular (receiver) information and the transmitter (test) information, that occurs when the information has ‘resonance’ to the person or cell.
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For example: The transfer of information between the systems during the test for magnesium indicates a strong connection to magnesium for the tested person. Bio-resonance is a non-linear testing protocol that reflects the complex nature of human biology. Complex systems are constantly adapting to their environment and provide us with a different view of biological systems than that normally afforded by more mechanistic blood and urine sampling. A good example of a complex system is the weather, whereby in spite of masses of historical data and huge computing power we are still not accurately able to make predictions beyond the immediate short term. This is largely due to the fact the weather responds to a huge number of influencing factors which change its predicted outcome, often without warning.
This complexity can be baffling and does not comply with the strict linear rules that modern medical science would like to apply to it. You could say that they are not in resonance and this may go some way to explaining why illness continues to escalate in spite of the money spent on medical research. Bio-resonance is the analysis of the whole complex person rather than a static view of a person offered by a more typical medical test.

This wider view afforded by technologies like bio-resonance, is providing new perspectives on how people can manage their health and wellness. Our Bio-Link systems use CE Class IIa approved equipment and manufactured under EN ISO 13485 guidelines for medical devices and laboratory instrumentation. We are a Bio-Life Science Company that supplies specialist bio-information technologies for health and wellness practitioners, decision makers and wellness organisations. 10 years of R&D in the bio-information sector have lead to the development of some ground breaking technologies and advanced systems for the collection, assessment and reporting of bio-information.

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The European based assessment centre uses CE approved bio-resonance technologies, manufactured to EN ISO13485 standards, which operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from our secure servers. Overseen and supported by a dedicated team of doctors, bio-information specialists and computer engineers.


Bio Resonance
Bio Resonance
Bio Resonance
Bio Resonance
Bio Resonance

Bio Resonance

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